With our kitchen team, we have chosen to favor local products, not imports, in order to support local initiatives, which create jobs and add value for the country.

Our suppliers manufacture all the products that we market in an artisanal way, while respecting sanitary standards.


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Tél. : 032.02.468.22

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Livraisons sur Antananarivo 2 fois par mois à l’hôtel NIAOULY.

And in the middle flows a river ...

Family company located in Mananjary, between the Pangalanes Canal and the Indian Ocean, which offers different versions of seafood, according to the seasons, while respecting optimal hygiene and processing standards.

And In the Middle flows A River ... is also developing around a beekeeping project and this year 2018, the company offers you different types of honey, according to flowering.

This company was created in 2016, and started from the desire of a man, Ali, to live better.

Tired and disappointed by a professional life which no longer left him the time to invest in his family, Ali felt a desire for change, to return to the sources and above all, a desire to share family.

This society is the story of a man who knew how to leave everything behind to reinvent himself and make his children discover the simple pleasures of nature and life. It is also the story of a family built around a common project: the idea that alone, there is little you can do! And that is why, this young company is also and above all at the heart of a united project so that sharing is the central value.

The different products offered:

The taste quality of our smoked fish comes mainly from the respect of traditional methods of cold smoking for more than 26 hours, as well as a mixture of noble wood species

  • Of the sea :

All the fish and seafood used comes from a traditional rowing dugout fishing in the Indian Ocean.

  • Portioned products: fish / shrimp skewers, fish fillets ...
  • Cooked Products: Seafood Gratin, Fish Soup…
  • Smoked Fish: swordfish, yellowfin tuna, hammerhead shark…

The taste quality of our smoked fish comes mainly from the respect of traditional methods of cold smoking for more than 26 hours, as well as a mixture of noble wood species;

  • Beekeeping:

Since settling in Mananjary, Ali, a great honey lover, has noticed that honey production in this region is drastically decreasing and that traditional beekeepers are no longer able to make a living from their profession.

Since 2016, he has chosen to work with local beekeepers to safeguard this tradition.

He therefore took various courses in modern beekeeping, and set out to create his own apiary.

In parallel, he wanted to develop his activity while registering it in a united project which aims to help traditional beekeepers to train and equip themselves with modern hives in order to revive their production and to be able to live again of their passion.

Drawing on the knowledge acquired during his training, and with the help of Guy, a traditional beekeeper recognized in the region, he works to support many families who survive exclusively from the work of their bees, in the hope to create, with them, a cooperative mielleriec which would allow everyone to live better.

To date, Ali offers his first harvests, according to flowering: Niaouly honey, letchee honey and all-flower honey.


Current situation :

The south-eastern region of Madagascar, and mainly the city of Mananjary, is a region conducive to honey production. Honey is used by the Madagascans for its nutritional and medical properties. Madagascar has always been a honey producing island, and the need for honey is constantly increasing.

However, today, the traditional beekeeping techniques of Madagascan beekeepers are undermined by the appearance of Varroa destructor, a mite that kills bees. As in all European countries, swarms of bees tend to be decimated, and Malagasy beekeepers have neither the means nor the knowledge to deal with this scourge alone.

In the past few years, honey production has decreased markedly in the Mananjary region, and traditional methods of beekeeping are no longer effective or sufficient to allow Malagasy beekeepers to make a living from their production.


Goals :

Our goal is to allow Madagascan beekeepers to train in modern methods and acquire modern hives that they can treat against varroa destructor, and thus be able to continue to live from their honey production.

On a larger scale, helping beekeepers will also help maintain a reasonable purchase price so that all Madagascans can continue to use honey, so dear to their tradition.

The final objective would be to create a cooperative bringing together beekeepers from the Mananjary region and to develop together a honey house of international standards in order to extract honey under impeccable hygienic conditions and to be able to market the production throughout the country, and thus to develop this landlocked region.



In 2017, 95% of beekeepers in this region still use traditional beehives (tree trunks, can of recycled paint, etc.) that they cannot treat against attacks from Varroi. After a study carried out in 2016, beekeepers see almost 60% of their bees weakening, and almost 40% of their swarms are decimated. Their production therefore fell by almost 50% between 2010 and 2015.

The main objective would therefore be to allow beekeepers to gradually replace their traditional decimated hives with modern DADANT hives (10 frames) previously treated against varroa destructor and to provide them with the appropriate equipment, as well as 2-day training, so that they can relaunch their operations in good conditions.

The creation of the honey house will allow, against a participation, each beekeeper to be able to extract their honey from the frameworks under controlled hygienic conditions and to be able to muzzle the rise in the sale price of honey so that it remains an accessible product for all .

The financial participation of beekeepers using the honey house will allow the latter to self-finance.



    Contact :

    Tél. : 034 01 238 80

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    The CAS’A NOU bakery has been involved in the production, marketing and training of all types of products related to bread-making, viennoiserie and all derivatives since June 27, 2017.

    After a few years in catering, its manager, Eric Lavergne, was trained by the "Best worker in France" who passed on his know-how for a demanding but fascinating job!
    Subsequently, he was production manager in an industrial bakery for seven years and today turns to artisanal production for the love of a job well done and for better product quality.
    Currently, CAS'A NOU has nine motivated young Malagasy in its team and trains other young people eager to acquire this know-how.

    Are you a professional in Antananarivo? Are you interested in our products? Contact us!


    Contact :

    Tél. : 034 36 181 88

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    “St-Daniel is a brand of fine charcuterie created in Madagascar in 2015 by epicureans, one of the main passions of which is to spoil their taste buds. Lovers of traditional French and Spanish cured meats, their ambition is to create a bridge between European charcuterie culture and products with high potentials derived from or nourished by and through the Malagasy land. Discover our products without any chemical additives, whose 100% Malagasy ingredients have been carefully selected to exalt European culinary traditions ”

      The plate of Charcuterie des Hauts-Plateaux.

      Composed of a selection of the best cold meats from the Analamanga Plateau, this assortment will satisfy the most demanding with exclusively Malagasy raw materials.

      The traditional dry sausage: produced only from the noble parts of the pig (ham and fat from the bardière), it is steamed precisely before drying in the cellar for several weeks. The taste of black Malagasy pepper brings out an already strong taste, several other Malagasy spices, as well as a hint of rum then come to excel this product.

      The traditional rosette: Produced only from the noble parts of the pig (Ham and fat from the bardière), it is steamed with precision before drying in the cellar for several weeks, only the flavors of garlic and black pepper enrich the one already highly identified from the local pig.

      Sweet Chorizo: When one of the flagship products of southern European cold meats meets paprika and local ground sakay (chili), it results in a sweet chorizo ​​but with a very present taste.

      Danish Salami: Produced without any preservative or additive, it is, just after baking, lightly smoked with rosewood shavings. Its taste then certainly refers to the traditional Danish salami, but also to a touch of exoticism which gives it its originality.

      Garlic and green pepper Paris sausage: Malagasy green pepper enhances this iconic product of French cooked meats

      Italian Mortadella with Olives: Green olives are the only concession, not Malagasy of this assortment of cold meats, but the marriage between Malagasy garlic, local pork as well as some local spices with very pronounced tastes with the more malleable one of l olive had to be tried. The result is a delicate and harmonious product.


      Contact :

      Tél. : 032 02 831 39

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      The Domaine de l'escargot located at PK17 on the road to Anjozorobe (RN3)
      Our site is open to visits by appointment.
      We are located on the RN3 - Anjozorobe road at kilometer point 17.

      Our snails (Hélix Aspersa Maxima or large gray) are born on the estate 17km from Antananarivo, are raised in an open-air park and are processed in our laboratory which is HACCP compliant.
      The vegetables and spices used in our preparations come from our gardens.
      We do not use any fertilizers or pesticides in our parks and gardens.
      We manufacture our compost and practice vermicomposting.
      The butter used comes from SOCOLAIT.

      Our products: fresh or frozen

      - Burgundy buttered shells.
      - Burgundy mini bites (puff pastry).
      - Croquille (the shell is replaced by a small wafer) Burgundian.
      - Snail skewers.

      In sterilized jars

      - snail meat in their vegetable and herbal broth.
      - snail pate.
      - cargotin.

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