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Madagascar, "The Red Island" for some, ...
... the big Island for others, ...

A thousand and one qualifiers for this exceptional land still relatively preserved from pollution, all-round development and its flaws, sadness and selfishness!

Warm! It is the first word attributed to Madagascar by tourists from the 4 corners of the world to travel on foot, by bike, in Taxi-brousse,…. As soon as you leave the lost paths, you rediscover what Humanity, Brotherhood, ... SIMPLICITY means!

Exotic !! Various ecosystems mixing tropical forest and savannah. 2 faces too, Antananarivo and other big cities in the West and the bush, between tradition and belief.

Amazing !!! Here, humility is essential! We "arrive by conquering" and we leave with the observation that we have lost a lot: generosity, solidarity, resourcefulness, adaptation, ... and so many other values!


Photos published on the Facebook pages of Carnets Madagascar and rêver Madagascar

Of course, some leave disappointed, but whose fault is it? To fully experience this trip and explore the Grande-ile, you must first prepare for it:

  • Madagascar is unique. Do not expect to find or relive what amazed you in another country. Do not compare, expect nothing, ... forget let yourself be penetrated in order to immerse yourself over the miles in this unique and unusual atmosphere.
  • While remaining vigilant because here too, there are ill-intentioned individuals, dare to relax.
  • Forget the time, agree to deviate from your habits ... here, nothing will ever be "square" .... But the "round" is also pleasant!

To travel to Madagascar is to accept being on a pirogue and to let yourself be carried by the breeze and the currents! ... Rowing against the grain will not do you any good!

have a nice trip

The team of the Niaouly hotel

Antananarivo ... "The village of a thousand"

Antananarivo for some, Tana or Antananarivo for others, ... many appellations coexist to name the Malagasy capital.

This village, at the origin of the Merina kingdom, has become over the years the economic and historical capital of Madagascar.

Antananarivo peaks at 1,276m above sea level, hence its temperate climate.

It is a cosmopolitan city where the different ethnic groups of Madagascar coexist, foreign nationals, most often European, Chinese or Indian ... without cultural or religious tensions, Malagasy hospitality being there for a lot.

Antananarivo contains many centers of interest, distributed in a heterogeneous manner. To help you find your way around, we have made an "info" section showing non-exhaustive places not to be missed.

"infos" reprenant de façons non exhaustive, des lieux à ne pas manquer.


The Niaouly hotel is a small boutique hotel, entry level, simple, but clean, warm and friendly.

The hotel, due to its location, overlooks the city and in particular, the garden of Ambohijatovo.

It is located in the city center of Tana (Antananarivo) in the intermediate city, between the "lower" city and the "upper city".

The district of Ambatovinaky which shelters the Niaouly hotel is a district renowned for its calm, its tranquility. This district of Tana has several hotels, and many restaurants.

  • 22 rooms with Shower & toilet inside

  • Restaurant, lounge and terrace with panoramic views

  • Quiet, residential and secure area

  • Free WIFI (fiber optic), Canal Satellite in the lounge, on the terrace, in the restaurant

  • Small padlock safe (not supplied)

  • etc ...



The Niaouly hotel is classified by the Ministry of Tourism in category 3 Ravinala.

We are member of the FHORM - Federation of hoteliers and restaurateurs of Madagascar.




The Niaouly hotel has a restaurant open 7/7 all year round.

Our dishes are entirely made by our team from meat, fruit, fresh vegetables ...

Hotel Niaouly - Antananarivo

Lot VE49 
101 Antananarivo

034 15 036 15

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