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The lakes around Tana

Lake Mantasoa

Artificial lake extending over more than 2,000 hectares

Located more than 1,400m, Lake Mantasoa is one of the most beautiful spots around Antananarivo. The setting provides well-being and serenity. It is ideal for spending the weekend or for an extended stay not far from the capital.

With more than 150 km of shoreline, this atypically shaped lake is still protected from town planning.

The hundreds of kilometers of tracks which cross the forests of eucalyptus and pines, will allow you to make exceptional walks and without risk in a place with a thousand facets.

Many activities, offered by the establishments on site will allow you to discover Lake Mantasoa in a thousand and one ways:

  • Walk
  • By boat (speedboat, canoe, boat, ...)
  • On horseback
  • By mountain bike
  • Quad
  • ...

    How to get there :

    80 km from Antananarivo (1h30 by car), in the direction of Tamatave, Mantasoa is a holiday resort particularly appreciated by the inhabitants of the capital.

    • By bush taxi
    • By renting a car with driver guide for the day


      The history of Lake Mantasoa:

      "Literally meaning" pleasant even vintage ", Mantasoa is a beautiful historic site. The authenticity of the landscapes, shaped by Jean Laborde will fascinate history buffs. From 1837 to 1844, the French Jean Laborde, adviser to Queen Ranavalona I erected constructions there on the Queen's orders: an industrial complex comprising blast furnace, foundry, glassware, soap factory, stationery, weapons workshop ... and a pleasure palace decorated with a zoo for the queen.

      An excursion in the village will make you discover the villa of Jean Laborde, converted into a small museum. Very close to the village, the tomb of Laborde, the largest in the region's cemetery, is also one of the major attractions. Indeed, he was entitled to a funeral of national scope in 1878, according to the will of Queen Ranavalona II. This tomb was built by Jean Laborde himself and he baptized it Soamandrakizay or "eternal happiness".

      In addition the artificial lake of Mantasoa, is a considerable asset. It was created in 1936 to regulate the rivers of the Ikopa river and to irrigate the Betsimitatatra plain, the country's real rice granary. This lake gives the region a new image, a new charm. The lake is a nice meeting place for water sports enthusiasts: pedal boats, water skiing, speedboat rides ... are practiced there. A getaway by bike or a hike in the surrounding area encourages escape while enjoying the beauty of the region.

      The remains of the installations erected by Jean Laborde are visible near the lake. Historically, the fascinating industrial complex founded by the French was allocated to the Jesuits at the beginning of the colonization of the island in 1895. But a large part of the industrial city erected did not survive the events that rocked Madagascar during the colonial era . Only the blast furnace, the foundry workshop, the lime kiln and the pottery kiln remain visible "

      Source : Madagascar Hotels online

      Some hotels on the lake:

      Lake Itasy in Ampefy

      Artificial lake extending over more than 2,000 hectares

      120 km from Antananarivo, Lake Itasy is a lake in Madagascar located within the volcanic field of Itasy, in Itasy. With an area of ​​35 km2, it is due to lava flows constituting a natural dam which prevents the flow of a watercourse.

      There are several other small lakes near the main lake (over 40 lakes) and numerous waterfalls, the fruit of rocky heaps.

      To visit around Lake Itasy:

      • The fall of the Lilly
      • The geysers
      • Andranotohara crater lake

      How to get there :

      The Italian Lake (Ampefy) is located 130 km from Antananarivo (around 2.5 hours by car), on the RN1

      • By bush taxi
      • By renting a car with driver guide for the day

        The history of Lake Ampefy:

        Itasy is the third large lake in Madagascar, with an area of ​​approximately 35 km². It was born thanks to the volcanic fields and the recurrent lava flows which followed one another in the places. On the side of the mountains that surround it are a thousand and one sources of pure water and hot water. At the bottom of this immense lake live different kinds of fish which make the reputation of the region. Tilapia, baraoa, royal carp and trout are caught in a traditional way, with cane or net by the local population. This region is the main supplier of freshwater fish to the Capital. In the middle of this beautiful fish-filled lake are two small peninsulas dedicated to walks. At the top of the sacred islet stands a statue of the Virgin Mary. It seems to rule over water and winds. As for the wooded islet, it shelters within it royal tombs, of which that of Andriandahifotsy, an ancient king whose wisdom and temerity made speak about him. You can go around Lake Itasy aboard traditional canoes or motor canoes to admire the surrounding landscape or reach Ampefy, a village with a tourist destination.

        Some hotels on the lake of Ampefy:

        Hotel Niaouly - Antananarivo

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        101 Antananarivo

        034 15 036 15

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